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Bill Kennedy’s New Book

I am happy to announce that “Jonathan West, MD – First Kill” is now available from Amazon in both paperback and for your kindle.

coverWhat if the largest unsolved crime of the twentieth century wasn’t a crime?

On the eve of Thanksgiving 1971, Northwest Flight 305 was hijacked. Maybe it was a CIA operation to increase airport security in a climate of growing international terrorist activity.

That’s the situation Jonathan West walks into: he’s seduced by the CIA to be the hijacker in exchange or an Ivy League medical.

The tension builds as West encounters a member of the ruthless Iranian secret police, the SAVAK who attempts to enlist his help in an assassination plot that would have worldwide consequences. This complex hero tries to resolve his growing conflict: saving lives and ending lives. Can he balance both and keep his morality?

Filled with international espionage, action-packed scenes, and surprising twists, Jonathan West, MD— First Kill introduces a fascinating new kind of spy, weaving strong fiction in historical facts, leaving the reader wondering “Could it have happened that way”.

Purely coincidental with the launch of the book, the History Channel aired a special about the 1971 hijacking of Northwest Flight 305 by DB Cooper on July 10-11, 2016. You may find reruns on the History Channel throughout the summer.

The book is just in time for your summer reading.

Bill Kennedy