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April 2012 PDUFADate Diet Drugs Special Report – Qnexa, Lorqess and Contrave!


Dear Researcher/Investor:

Investors and researchers looking for opportunities in the huge healthcare market have many options.  Investing in pharmaceuticals can be especially lucrative if you have access to timely, unbiased biotech research about the drugs currently being discussed by the FDA Advisory Committees or approaching PDUFA Date deadlines.  With PDUFADate Special Reports, every month you will be able to review information on the latest pharmaceutical drugs to determine if they will meet your objectives and provide a profitable return on investment.

You can now avoid investing in pharmaceutical products that have no chance of obtaining FDA approval. These biotech research reports examine the risk and potential of the drugs currently being evaluated by the FDA and the Advisory Committee.

Not every drug is going to be a winner. You need to be able to review and understand what the actual comments that the FDA makes will mean to the drug’s future.  Without access to this type of independent research, you could be making a significant investment in a drug that has no chance of getting FDA approval!

Remember, No Pharmaceutical Drug Will Be On The Market Without FDA Approval!


So, why not get access to the most current research material today?  Unlike other biotech reports you may have seen, monthly PDUFADate Special Reports are written in a clear, easy to understand format.

What’s In the PDUFA Report?


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Advisory Committee Performance Date
  3. Advisory Committee History
  4. FDA Qualified Opinion with Risk Factors
  5. Advisory Committee Vote for Approval or Denial

You simply cannot find better pharmaceutical drug research containing all of the information you need in one easy-to-read report.  You will not have to spend valuable time hunting the Internet gathering FDA data from one place, looking for Advisory Committee votes from another source, then trying to analyze the data to figure out what it all means.


With PDUFADate Special Reports, you have all pertinent FDA pharmaceutical research in one easy-to-read report!

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PDUFADate Diet Drugs Special Report

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Qnexa, Lorqess and Contrave.

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