PDUFADate Status

Ladies and Gentlemen

Some of you may have wondered what happened to the posts I used to make, and perhaps even what happened to me. As you can see, I am still able to bang the keys of a computer.

We spent 24 months establishing the credibility of PDUFADate.com as a trusted source of information to help you make decisions on investments in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically the outcome of Advisory Committee meetings and our assessment of the ultimate outcome at PDUFA Date. We enjoyed the research and thinking that went into each analysis. Our record was outstanding. The feedback we got from many of you was very positive and we appreciated it..

During our run with PDUFADate.com, we maintained a strict rule of not owning stock in any of the companies referenced on the website. When we were unable to get any interest in paid subscribers, we went dark and started investing on our own recommendations.

In addition, I also had the time to write and publish my first novel, “Jonathan West, MD – First Kill”.

If you enjoyed PDUFADate.com, I hope you’ll read and enjoy it.